About ACFS ?

Australian Capital Financial Services is a Credit Provider specialising in short term low value consumer finance.

Australian Capital Financial Services do not offer loans direct to consumers and instead use a network of Credit Assistance Providers who generate leads and enquirie.

Responsible Lending

In July 2010, it became law for all credit providers to lend responsibly.

Put simply this means that lenders must only provide loans which:

  • Are suitable for your needs
  • You can afford to repay
  • Don't push you into financial hardship

At Australian Capital Financial Services, this isn't a problem - it's what we've always done!

Since commencing business in 2003, we've always considered your ability to repay the loan before looking at anything else. That's why we have so many customers coming back whenever they need a quick cash loan.

One of the other requirements of the new laws and regulations is to provide our clients with access to a structured complaints management system (Internal Dispute Resolution Scheme often referred to as IDR) and, on the rare occasion we might not be able to resolve our client's issue, access to an ASIC approved External Dispute Resolution Scheme (EDRS).

Your Privacy Is Important To Us

We understand how important it is to protect your personal information and as such we have developed the below policies to ensure the protection of your information.

You can always refer to this page and the below documents for the latest information.

Target Market Determination (TMD)

Australian Capital Financial Services has prepared the below Target Market Determination (TMD) for its lending products.